Here is the list of Top 05 highest paying Google AdSense CPC niches in the United States:

1. Insurance

Insurance quotes and auto insurance quotes online are the top most highest paying Google AdSense CPC niche in the United States nowadays. People want awareness and knowledge about the different types of insurance like life insurance and automobile insurance etc. People also asking about the best insurance companies in the country. So, you can use the insurance niche for generating a considerable amount of income. The AdSense CPC rate of insurance niche is $59 to $663,95, which highest among all other niches.

2. Gas and Electricity

As you know that, Gas and Electricity are the necessities of life nowadays, that is why people want to know about them. People ask about the efficient usage of Gas and electricity, how to reduce their bills and how to make it safe. You can generate a considerable amount of income from this classified high paying Google AdSense CPC niche. The AdSense CPC rate of Gas and Electricity niche is $57. So, you can generate a high income by using Gas and Electricity related keywords in your blogs and contents.

3. Loans

In this new era of development, people want to establish their business. They want investors to flourish in their companies and businesses. A high amount of capital is required to start a business. For this purpose, people are attracted to loan. People want to know about different methods of getting loans from banks and companies and that is why loans is a very profitable niche regarding AdSense CPC. Google AdSense CPC rate of loan niche is $50. You can make a considerable amount of profit by using loans related keywords.

4. Mortgage

According to research, every 5th businessman in the United States lends money to form a bank or a company to flourish his/her business. So, mortgage is a very profitable and highly monetizable Google AdSense CPC niche, through which you can generate a considerable amount of living. The Google AdSense CPC rate $44. High CPC Mortgage-related keywords are available on which you can write highly engaging content and blogs. It is a very interesting topic also, through which you can give information and knowledge related to mortgage to your visitors.

5. Attorney

An attorney is a person who has an enormous knowledge about Civil and criminal laws and has a firm grip on legal matters. Peoples hire attorneys online nowadays. Attorney related topics are researched every day on the internet in the United States. Attorney is highly paying Google AdSense CPC niche nowadays with a CPC rate of $48. You can make a blog on the famous attorney of the company, write content about them, or provide a platform to hire the online attorneys. Writing content about the addresses, profiles, and educations of the famous attorneys of the country is the best idea to generate income through Google AdSense.