What is AI Technology? How does it work and benefit to human beings?

What is Al Technology?

Al in technology means Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines, especially computer systems, that are programmed to think and act like a human being. It is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science that can build smart machines to execute even complex tasks. Its idealistic characteristics are to rationalize and perceive as the human brain to take the best possible actions towards a specific objective. 

Most people would think that Artificial Intelligence is limited to robots or robotics. It is because news like the invention of a human-like robot (humanoid robot) like Sophia who was modeled in the appearance of Audrey Hepburn, is being popularized. However, as time progresses, Al has continued to improve and develop to make human lives easy. 

Artificial intelligence opts to define that human intelligence can be placed in a machine wherein it can mimic and execute tasks that are both simple and complex. Its goals include learning, reasoning, and perception. This system is now being used in Google through AI-Powered Predictions, where people can now use Google Maps to analyze the speed of traffic and time of arrival to a destination. 

Categorization of Al

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into two: weak and strong.

  • Weak artificial intelligence: Weak or also known as the narrow Al is a system that was designed and trained to carry out one particular task. This system includes videogames and Apple’s Siri. It is inclined to simple tasks such as answering questions when asked. 
  • Strong artificial intelligence: Strong or also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), is a system that acts almost as same as a human being. This is what most researchers are aiming for. AGI is designed for complex situations that require to solve a problem without human intervention. When presented with a difficult task, a Strong al system can generate a fuzz logic that can be applied to create solutions. This kind of system can be found in applications like self-driving cars. 

How does Al technology works?

Al technology requires an intensive process to be useful. Al programming focuses on three cognitive skills.

1. Learning process This focuses on obtaining data or information which will be used to create actions after further processing. Algorithms play a vital role in this process because it is used in simple applications of rules, while a more complex one is used to frame strong Al. It provides a step-by-step guide to complete a specific task. 

2. Reasoning processes– this process focuses on choosing the right algorithm to use in a specific situation. This aspect of Al programming rules out the best options to achieve the desired outcome. 

3. Self-correction processes– this process focuses on the revisions and finalizing the actions taken. It ensures that the program set will provide the most accurate results possible. 

With these three processes completed, a machine or a system can now work for you the way it is intended to work. It may be through a piece of physical equipment or an application that you can access through your laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets you have available. 

Benefits of Al to the human being

As technology advances, the application of Artificial Intelligence becomes endless. Many industries are now adapting to more innovative ways to improve their work. And as they adapt to this, they also resorted to maximizing the invention of Al Technology. Taking advantage of this technology, many industries have continued their progress towards having the best quality services and output possible. 


Al is now being maximized to boost the economy by different businesses and industries. It is through the application of Al to improve work efficiency in many fields. The evolution of work will help workers to perform their tasks better as the usage of this technology reduces human error and cut unnecessary costs. 

Due to auto-generated systems by Al technology, data, and documents in offices are easily processed. Since every data can be easily categorized and put into segregation in a computer system, it can now be easily retrieved and accessed by people who need them. 

Al technology does not only help with information systems at work, but it also partners with different tasks to improve work efficiency. Just like in agriculture, crops can now be analyzed through mobile and computer applications. With the use of these applications, crops can be fertilized properly and be harvested at the right time. 

With the rising progression of Artificial Intelligence, different industries in the economy continue to adapt and be innovative as they strive to have a more efficient working environment. 


Al has introduced to change the face of medicine. It gives the chance to extend human knowledge and understand more the practice of medicine. Aside from this, medical services such as diagnostics can be better through Image-based Al systems that can help doctors treat their patients better and faster. 

Because AI can analyze big data sets, it helps to create an analysis on what areas of patient care needs improvement. Additionally, clinical trials can also improve and be more successful through the use of Artificial Intelligence, thus helping more questions in human anatomy be answerable. 


Due to the rise of AI technology, many lifestyles have been changing into better ones. AI enhances user’s lifestyles by the usage of searching algorithms that provide targeted information. Aside from this, AI can expand human creativity more than ever using applications and machines with either Weak AI or Strong AI. Mobile phones alone can already make the lives and connections of people easier which leads to successful transactions and productive days. 

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence Technology is a game-changer not just to big existing industries, but also to ordinary people. The impact it has made to the modern age has been impeccable and is continuing to rise as many experts persist in creating more systems and programs under AI Technology. It is relentlessly developing and improving, and a few more years from now, it might just solve every problem people encounter daily. 

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